Prayer Journal Dividers

I used these simple page dividers that I created on Canva to divide my prayer journal into six different sections. Feel free to download these letter size inserts and print as many as you need. For my small journal I printed two per page at a much smaller scale. You might have to try different sizes to find the right fit for your prayer journal or war binder.

The PDF printables are 8.5 x 11 in. but you can definintely print them smaller and make them work for your notebook or binder. I have a video of how I have setup my prayer journal with these inserts on my YouTube channel. I will set up a new notebook once I complete this one.

As for a list of ideas or topics to pray for under each section, I will be sharingg my list of 31 topic ideas in a different post. When I don’t feel like writing on my prayer journal or I don’t have the timie I usually just read some of my previous written prayers or read the prayer cards I keep in the front of the binder.

Feel free to tagg me on Instagram @royal.plans and show me how you setup your prayer journal or war binder. I would love to see it.

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