Hi! Welcome to my little corner on the internet. My name is Fabiola, but you can call me Faby! Currently a stay home mom just learning as much as I can from life and educating myself. I’m 30 years old married to my high school sweetheart.

Ok, so I am not real royalty but I am a momma of two princesses and the queen of my house. My youngest, Katie, is 7 years old, Gaby is almost a teenager. I enjoy spending time together with my kids, homeschooling, and exploring new things. 

This blog is where I can write and share about parenting, lifestyle, mindfulness, mom life, planning, organization, crafting and more.  I love being on my computer all the time anyway, so why not make it even more interesting and distracting. 

My hobbies keep me busy all the time, if I am not practicing something I love, I’m exploring and learning something new. I really hope that by sharing some of my interest with you I can help and/or inspire you.

Thank you for visiting my page!

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My hands are full and so is my heart!

My Life Story.