Summer Evening Dresses

Where can you post pictures of your outfits with all the details (maybe even links to shop)? Your own website!

While I do post these mirror selfies on my Instagram stories, because I think I look cute, there is just not enough space to add details. People always want to know where the outfit is from. In case you are interested, this is for you.

Demin dress: I believe this is the first blue denim dress I own. Not because I didn’t like them but I had never found one that would fit my style. Found this beauty at the mall last summer. Sorry, but I can’t seem to find a website for the store, it’s called Guess Los Angeles. This button-down dress is in size XS.

Shoes: Not a lot of people have the issue that I have when it comes to shoes. Many brands do not make shoes in my size and I struggle to find a good pair for myself. These beautiful and comfortable nude shoes are from Michael by Michael Shannon. I had to order them from because of course they did not have them in-store. I also order a pair in black. Love to wear them for work too.

Every year when I get new clothes I make sure the old unused stuff goes out. I used to hold clothes for years hoping they would fit me one day. I used to be much thinner and didn’t like the way some dresses fit on me. I am also not a big spender so I do proudly say I make smart purchases. My husband is so lucky!

I never felt confident enough to wear my hair down when I was young.

Hair: Natural curly hair. I dare not go out with my hair down during the summer days. I do love the look of a big fuller hairstyle. But I’m still learning what type of hair products my hair likes and doesn’t like.

Dress: I only order this dress from eBay because it was on sale but is not my cup of tea. I do love how it feels and how fresh and comfortable it is. This dress is from Banana Republic Petite 0P.

Shoes: Same shoes from above.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you like this type of blog post.

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