Hello and welcome to my blog!

Queenfaby.com is a combination of all the things I love. But since everyone recommends picking a niche and sticking to it I’ll try to keep it under just a few topics. But I can’t promise anything. I do try to listen to other people’s advice but I still have to do me.

  • Planning
  • Journaling
  • Budgeting
  • Self-Development
  • Blogging
  • Creating Content
  • Lifestyle (everyday life)

My favorite hobby is planning and journaling but I also love blogging, creating planner inserts, and making YouTube videos.

You can follow my planner Instagram account @royal.plans

I’m trying to get better at sharing more on social media so I’ll be working on it for the rest of the year. My only problem with social media is that I forget about it. My priorities are very clear and there are a few things, for example, Jesus and my family that come first.

You can find me on my personal Instagram account @queenfaby89. Or you can also follow me on any other social media platform also @queenfaby89. You gotta be careful about TikTok though, it is very entertaining and it can be a real-time consumer.

But don’t be shy, send me a direct message or leave a comment if you have any blog post suggestions.

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