Planner Videos

Creating and designing planners has been my hobby for many years. I love changing planner covers and trying new layouts.


Journals and notebooks are a great way to liberate your chatter box. There are many benefits about journaling, including imporving your self esteem.


My goal is not to over share about my life, but to share a little bit about myself so you can get to know the person behind the camera.

Budgeting Videos

Finances are a big area of our daily life that can be complicated to some people. Specially when you come from a family with poor education.

Amazon Favorites

My most useful and favorite items that help me run my small business, create YouTube content, and other items I recommend.

Etsy Items

Sometimes I showcase items I have in my Etsy shop for my clients. I also like to share the process of how they are made with love.

Latest YouTube Video

Go check out my latest YouTube video. My Video content in YouTube is mostly about planning or budgeting. If you haven’t already noticed it, I love planning

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About Me

My first name is Fabiola, but everyone calls me Faby. My last name is Reyna, which means Queen in English.

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Royal plans

My online store where I sell my handmade planners and journals.

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I love having my own little space in the internet. I’m not an expert writer but I love sharing blogs.

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